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The (Not So) Daily Banter: Jerome Simpson Impresses, Peter King Leaves A Postcard

Interesting fun fact. Number of players from the 2008 Dallas Cowboys roster: 4. Adam Jones, Terrell Owens, Tank Johnson, Roy Williams.

+ Sports Illustrated's Peter King visited Georgetown on Thursday and wrote up his Bengals Training Camp Postcard. He talks about how the Bengals are loaded at the skill positions, Carson Palmer looking very good throwing the football, how Chad Ochocinco burnt Adam Jones and dissatisfaction with Andre Smith.

+ Carlos Holmes observes that Jerome Simpson made the best catch of the day and "showed some improvement in his route running as well on another play." However, Holmes also noted:

Matt Jones is the least talented receiver in camp and his stay may be short-lived with cutdown looming. Granted, Jones is a big target but is slow out of his breaks and lacks explosion off the line.

+ Pro Football Weekly asks if the Bengals offense will be tougher to defend after signing Terrell Owens.

+ Former Bengals wide receiver Laveranues Coles is expected to visit with the New York Jets on Friday. He's expected to be signed.

+ One of Mike Florio's questionable free agent signings is Antonio Bryant.

+ Bengals safety Chinedum Ndukwe and Browns offensive tackle Joe Thomas will be carved into butter sculptures at this year's Ohio State Fair. Well, not them physically. Their likeness. Any takers on whom takes the percentage of the most butter?

+ Jets fans are happy that the Bengals signed Terrell Owens, so that the flirtation they had, however un-serious as it were, would swiftly end.

+ Gregg Doyel asks you, Bengals fans, why you're still a fan after the Terrell Owens signing. I guess Gregg knows little about team loyalty and knows even less about his reading audience, a majority of whom will defend their team's honor no matter the cost. Though one of the comments rings true in response to Doyel's question: "Why would a columnist and supposed journalist try to tell us who to cheer for?  This guy is a joke, and quite frankly it is none of his business who I cheer for and why."

+ If you're interested, take a look at Wes Bunting's preview of the players that could be of interest in the 2011 NFL draft from Ohio State.