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Cedric Benson Will Not Be Suspended This Year

One of the things we've wondered about, and in some circles worried, was what would happen with Cedric Benson. In late May, Benson was involved in an incident in which he would later be charged with assault. Well, later meaning an entire month, bringing up questions about whether Benson was in fact antagonized or plainly a victim. This was re-enforced when head coach Marvin Lewis proudly defended his running back, saying that Benson was sucker-punched. Both Benson and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell met in late July to discuss the incident -- a meeting that Benson called productive.

And apparently it was.

According to Adam Schefter, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has elected to NOT suspend Benson for the incident.

So be joyous. This has been a great week to be Bengals fan. Training Camp kicks off. Bengals sign Terrell Owens. Cedric Benson won't be suspended. Does it much better than this in July?