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Reedy: Deal Doesn't Look "Bright" For Jermaine Gresham By Weekend's End

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We're trying to keep our eye out on any news regarding Jermaine Gresham's holdout. It's one of those Bengals-related (bad) obsession of ours. Latest reports suggest that we'd be fools to be optimistic in seeing one by the end of the weekend. However, Geoff Hobson speculates that the company representing Gresham could be trying to get a deal done with another first rounder first. It's not like Gresham is waiting or anything. Either way, it's time for us to put on our patient caps for the time being and just wait. Maybe help a certain reader who just turned 21 celebrate one of the best birthdays of his life. Sorry BcBengalFan. But that's it for big birthdays.

In the meantime, one thing we can do is speculate and observe on what the players around the 21st pick are receiving. Today, two players signed contracts. Kareem Jackson's deal has set the ceiling and Brian Bulaga's deal with the Packers has helped provide a clearer picture of the floor.

All contracts are five-year deals.

# Overall Pick Team Deal
19 Sean Weatherspoon Falcons 17.5 Million; $10.5 Million guaranteed
20 Kareem Jackson Texans 16.3 Million (max); $10.35 M guaranteed
21 Jermaine Gresham Bengals  
22 Demaryius Thomas Broncos  
23 Bryan Bulaga Packers 14.75 Million; $8.76 Million guaranteed

Recently we took a wild guess that Gresham's deal could be in the neighborhood of $13.7 million with $9 million guaranteed. Yea, kind of whiffed on that one.

Bengals History of Holdouts

In a recent posting talking about the potential of a Gresham holdout (with me whiffing yet again saying I didn't expect one), we quickly examined how signings typically work in the first round and where Gresham would fit in. Just for kicks and giggles, here's the chart of the team's most recent first rounders and when they signed (or the length of their holdout).

Year Player Pick Length of Hold Out
2010 Jermaine Gresham 21st ?
2009 Andre Smith 6th Held out 30 days
2008 Keith Rivers 9th Held out 10 days
2007 Leon Hall 18th Missed a practice on the first day of Training Camp
2006 Johnathan Joseph 24th Signed first day of camp.
2005 David Pollack 17th Held out 19 days
2004 Chris Perry 26th Held out 11 days
2003 Carson Palmer 1st Signed two days before the NFL Draft.
2002 Levi Jones 10th Signed first day of camp
2001 Justin Smith 4th Signed one day before first regular season game.