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Report: Andre Smith Has Put on a Few Pounds

Stunner, eh?

CBS's Pete Prisco tweets that he "saw Andre Smith tonight [and] word is he might be 370." The Enquirer's Joe Reedy concurs that Smith isn't doing any Twiggy impersonations. And as Muckraker Mike reminds us, those extra pounds could translate into big dollars and cents: any time Smith tops 350 and isn't on the active game day roster, his paycheck gets halved.

The 6-4 Smith is currently listed at 345 on the team's roster on

I can't say the news comes as a shock. After all, following foot surgery you would expect to be spending some time planted on your posterior, and frankly if all he gained was 20 or 25 pounds, we should probably count that as a victory. But coming on the heels of Peter King's report that Lewis isn't happy with Smith's rehab, it's not hard to see a huge disappointment (pun intended) taking shape.