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Madden 11 Ratings for the Bengals Released

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It's closing in. You can feel it. Every year you get more anxious. Every time about this time of year, your heart starts beating wildly. We've hit July and the days are quickly ticking away towards the annual event that brings fans together and brings in a new edition to a new year of the same traditions.

That's right. Madden 11 is coming.

You already know that the Bengals are rated second in the AFC North with an 86 -- only three AFC teams have better ratings. Now the players ratings have been released. The Bengals have three players over 90, which includes the two highest rated players on the team -- Johnathan Joseph (93) and Leon Hall (92). Quarterback Carson Palmer, who was once sported one of the higher ratings on the team, has dropped to an 87 while Chad Ochocinco hovers just above 90. Check out the ratings. What do you think?