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Ludwig Loves Himself Some Quan

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I grew up in Ohio so by default, my blood type is type scarlet-grey (and more recently red and black). I loved the buckeyes when they won the national championship in 2002, when they went on their BCS dry spell (thanks to the SEC) and I will love them long after people forget about short sleeve shirts with ties and sweater vests. What I don't love is teams that beat Ohio State or the players that make it possible. Therefor, I don't like Texas and I didn't like Quan Cosby.

That was until my favorite professional team got their claws on him and turned him into a productive wide receiver and punt returner. I hope he's one of the receivers who wins a spot on the Bengals roster after the massive battle that is sure to come. Now I like him and I'm in good company.

Yes, ladies & gentlemen, boys & girls, there had better be a spot on the Bengals’ 53-man roster for Cosby. If that doesn’t happen, another NFL team will be extremely pleased …

Last season, Cosby returned punts well enough to have the third best return average (11.9 yards per return) in Bengals history. That's not too shabby for a rookie and it makes you wonder what he could do after he has a year of experience under his belt. That's not all though, Ludwig says he's a stand up guy too.

And I was even more impressed upon meeting him for the first time in the Bengals locker room at rookie minicamp a year ago.

What strikes you about Quan, besides his smile, is his maturity, sincerity and confidence. He’s only a second-year guy, but he handles himself like a 10-year veteran. The guy is a true pro, and he certainly produced during his rookie season.

The Bengals need guys like this (just like every team does) and since Baltimore has a history of taking the Bengals scraps and making them wear purple shirts and play for a team who's mascot is a bird (and not even a cool bird like an eagle or hawk.... it's a raven... come on) and since it's really no secret that Baltimore needs more receivers than a bunch of old guys, I'd hate to see them grab a guy that I think could be a real game changer for the Bengals (especially to see him play against the Bengals). But that's just me.