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Representing All Pieces of Information Not On Some Agendas

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I never complain about possible unfair media coverage regarding the Cincinnati Bengals. It's not like I chime in on the idiocracy we've seen from the Dayton Daily News. Alright, so it's an obsession. A bad one. I develop this tick when issues are raised that's so spun that being dizzy is but a fraction of the bi-product.

The Boston Phoenix's Matt Taibbi chimed in on the Bengals with irrelevant contemplations that Cincinnati is back to their old ways, mostly thanks to Cedric Benson's assault charge that was committed over memorial day weekend.

The problem I have isn't so much that someone reports on what happens with our players. It's expected in the NFL today. If a player gets a speeding ticket, it'll be on Pro Football Talk. If a player has too much to drink at his best friend's wedding, and is driven home by a sober driver, someone at the party is more likely to leak that information, plaguing that player for some time. It's the NFL of today. It just is what it is. So I expect people to write what happens with Bengals players off the field.

But let's be a little more fair, Matt.

Benson was picked up in connection with an incident that took place over Memorial Day weekend at a bar in Austin, Texas. According to multiple reports, Benson got into an argument with another customer before turning his attention to a bar employee. He apparently continued to push and shove even as he was being shown the door.

Once outside, he reportedly complained to passersby that "all these white boys are ganging up on me and kicking me out." When employees of the bar tried to prevent Benson from re-entering the establishment, Benson allegedly punched one of them in the face. He was charged with misdemeanor assault and is out on $5000 bail.

Unfortunately, expressed opinion that's fair while acknowledging the player's position isn't on the agenda of master web spinners that apply an agenda that many on this website alone will simply call, "an incomplete posting" because it doesn't refer to Benson's side. It's radically twisted to make the Bengals and Benson appear like thugs.

In our brief examination on the issue, while pointing out the police report we also pointed out Benson's version of events. Sure, it puts him in a better light and that alone might be cause enough to let be examined one-sided, but we pointed out that his version could be two parts that equal a whole. We gave Benson the benefit of the doubt and we never disregarded what witnesses and the victim said in his version of events.

I know, I know. We should expect it; people that throw enough words on paper to satisfy a deadline no matter how incomplete the piece is, formulates a terrible representation of the writer's attempt to fairly paint a picture of the Bengals.

So remember, while vulchers destroy the intellect of fairness, make sure that if you want a fair representation of the Bengals, to keep coming to Cincy Jungle for all of your Bengals needs. Was that too shameless of a promotion?