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The Daily Banter: Joey Votto Is More Awesome Than LeBron James

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As I finished my evening workout, which came after a disastrous attempt at experimenting with a new meal called Hamburger Helper Taco Salad, I sat on the couch gearing up for the Reds game with every intention of flipping over to ESPN for what could be described as the height of narcissism in sports; LeBron's one-hour special about himself so the world can see what team he's choosing in Free Agency.

Unfortunately for LeBron, the Reds were playing the Philadelphia Phillies in a tight game that took 12 innings to decide. Joey Votto played in front of Charlie Manual, the National League Manager for this year's All-Star game who didn't add Votto to the roster, and promptly crushed a first inning pitch off Phillies starter Kyle Kendrick. Though some of the luster was already lessened by the announcement that Votto made it into the All Star Game as the Fan Vote Thursday evening, it was still awesome. Joey Votto is awesome. You're awesome too.

Needless to say, the clock turned 10:26 PM before I realized that LeBron had long made his choice while I was in the grips of another comeback by the Reds that would tie the game against the Phillies' Brad Lidge in the top of the ninth. Long story short. Reds > LeBron. Kidney Stones > LeBron.

+ Former Bengals linebacker Nate Webster is returning to the region as a football coach -- for Bellevue.

+ Josh Katzowitz ranks Leon Hall and Johnathan Joseph as the fifth best cornerbacks in a tie, unable to differentiate the two, which is why they're the best cornerback duo in the NFL.

+ Bengals undrafted free agent signee Rahim Alem is working hard to impress the Bengals.

+ Football Outsiders writes that the Cincinnati Bengals defense was the best defense in the NFL against the draw.

+ Bengals running back Brian Leonard is wrapping up his football camp at St. Lawrence University.

+ Ravens safety Ed Reed had previously let it slip that he'd like a new contract. "NFL Network insider Michael Lombardi updated the situation on Thursday, telling “NFL Total Access” that Reed isn’t getting a new contract, and would have to pay back the Ravens a portion of his $5.2 million signing bonus if he decides to retire not due to injury."

+ NFL Network's Charles Davis doesn't list Chad Ochocinco in his top-five wide receivers in the NFL.