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Why We Love Chad Ochocinco: This Will Be The Year To Win His Super Bowl Ring

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I'm sure many of you will agree that your fan-ship (my newest coolest word) of Chad Ochocinco has been a roller coaster. At first, many didn't appreciate his outgoing attitude; though the Kansas City guarantee in 2003 still kicks ass. His celebrations often invited scorn on Tuesdays after a loss; though his celebrations during games fans tend to throw their prejudices that players should be robots out the window. His campaign to indirectly kill his relationship with the Bengals and the great fans of Cincinnati nearly did him in demanding a trade a couple years ago, but that's all but forgotten.

But through it all, Chad is mostly well-liked in this city. I actually find that how he repaired his relationship with the city to be phenomenal. In 2008, I had no reason to believe that Chad would remain simply because of the things he said. No way we forgive him, I thought. Yet, within a year, it was. Furthermore, with the use of Twitter, many have found his personality to be honest and enjoyable while showing great character helping kids. Sure, he has a knack for entertaining people and many football purists do not appreciate that as much.

He can also play ball. A six-time Pro Bowler, a two-time First Team All-Pro, is 48 yards receiving away from the magical 10,000 yard-receiving mark. His offseason conditioning and age will likely allow him to play several more seasons before retirement thoughts enter his mind. Will it be with Cincinnati? Who knows. And of all the things he's done, none of it has brought shame or embarrassment (except for the offseason he kept demanding a trade).

During an interview on the Dan Patrick Show Friday morning (h/t Pro Football Talk):

Ocho said he'll get his uno Super Bowl ring.  "It will be this year," he said.

Then, the dancer formerly known as Johnson put his tongue in his cheek and said that, once the football season ends, he'll join the Miami Heat.

"I might be the first player to get two rings in one year," Chad said.

His comment sparked a debate regarding his height.  Ochocinco is listed at six-feet, one-inch.  He claimed on the air that he's six-three. (I got close enough to him at the Super Bowl to conclude that he's closer to five-eleven.)

Ochocinco also proclaimed that, with the departure of LeBron James, Bengals quarterback Carson Palmer is now the most famous athlete in Ohio.