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Reedy: Jerome Simpson Continues Doing All Of The Right Things

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Around March of last year, guys like Andre Caldwell, Antonio Chatman and Jerome Simpson worked out with Palmer. At the time, Simpson said:

“I learned a lot from T.J.,” Simpson said. “I learned a lot of patience, being detailed with your routes. I said I’m going to get with him in the offseason in the seasons to come. He’s a great leader. He’s always on time. He stays late.”

“When you don’t really know the system, you kind of second-guess yourself,” he said. “I’m getting confidence in my game now.”

Truth of the matter is, even though he didn't have a good start, Simpson had a decent Training Camp last year, even hauling in an impressive 63-yard touchdown during the team's annual mock game. While all of that is fine and dandy, Simpson still didn't make a reception during his sophomore year. Marvin Lewis quietly put Simpson on notice, saying "The third year is the charm for some guys. For some guys it takes a lot longer to figure it out once that ball is snapped. Jerome has made great progress, let’s hope the light comes on and all systems are go."

And so far, Simpson has been impressive enough, as far as Joe Reedy is concerned. During last night's practice recap, Reedy writes: "Jerome Simpson continues to be doing all the right things and made a couple more nice plays." In truth, Simpson has received praise in previous camps and preseasons, which may make some roll their eyes because we're pretty confident in our minds of uncommitted persuasion that Simpson will still be shutout this season. But Simpson has also had bad noted bad moments, which has been a bit more rare this year. Simpson is truly in the fight of his life, looking to battle an established veteran in Matt Jones and a good rookie in Dezmon Briscoe.