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Darrin Simmions Not Impressed/Happy By Bengals Place Kickers

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One of the many competitions this summer during the Bengals training camp, is the fight between two place kickers. And according to Darrin Simmons, that competition is still wide open with neither kicker impressing the Special Teams coach.

"If you go based off today, they both missed. They're both equally as bad at 66 percent," Simmons said. "That's good for about 32nd in the league.

Both kicker converted two of three field goals on Saturday, with Davie Rayner's converted field goal attempts from 26 and 32, while Mike Nugent went for a bit more distance making 39 and 44 yarders. According to Joe Reedy, Nugent made seven of eight on Thursday with Rayner missing four of eight.

"The competition is still on," Simmons said. "... I need both of them to pick it up, and neither felt right from the get-go."

At least he's happy with the team's long snappers.