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The Daily Banter: If Leonard Is Out, What About Brian Westbrook?

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Now that you've had a few days to reset, how do you feel Tuesday morning? Are some of you still rolling in a panicked, I don't care if it's preseason or not they looked terrible, mode? Or have you completed disregarded the preseason opener because you know that this is the same weekend that the Bengals would have played their intra-squad scrimmage and mock game and you've never judged the Bengals on either in the past?

No matter how you feel, the Bengals will improve. After taking Monday off, the team resumes practice Tuesday at 3pm with their second preseason game set for Sunday night against the Denver Broncos at 7PM.

[Bengals Preseason Schedule]

What are some of the the things that you hope to see improved? Obviously better pass protection would be nice, allowing Carson Palmer to step into his throws after 5-7 step drops so his receivers have enough time for deeper routes. But we figure that this will be an evolution of sorts, making tiny bits of progress before the team's regular season opener. I would like to see more from Geno Atkins and Michael Johnson. While they were the princes of the defense against the Cowboys, I want to see if they are consistently effective. And I'd like to see Atkins receive a few first team snaps.

But all of that can wait.

+ Brian Leonard's injury appears series and at the most, will require significant time away from the game. However, Leonard will see a foot specialist today to get a better idea. In the meantime, the Bengals have already contacted James Johnson's agent; a former Bengals running back.

This, however, got me thinking.

What about Brian Westbrook? At last report, the running back is still available. The former Eagles running back has recorded 50 receptions or more in five seasons, including a string of 73 or more in three of four seasons from 2004 until 2007. I know durability is a factor, and I'm not if there's health issues existing today. And I'm not fully versed on his blocking skills. But doesn't he seem like a viable third down option, a decent replacement?

+ Terrell Owens spoke last week on his departure from the Cowboys.

+ Chick Ludwig called Adam Jones' performance Sunday night excellent.

+ Former Bengals defensive tackle John Thornton writes that it's too early to judge the Bengals.

+ The Bengals and Cowboys drew the highest ratings for a preseason game in six years.