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T.J. Houshmandzadeh: "I Was The Go-To Guy In Cincinnati"

If there's anything that we've learned about T.J. Houshmandzadeh, it's that he's really good at understanding defenses, and finding gaps in zone coverages. He always seemed to find space and get enough separation on nearly every passing play. We also know that T.J. loves talking a whole lot about himself.

While discussing the disappointing 2009 season, where he signed a five-year $40 million contract and produced 79 receptions -- his lowest since 2005 -- 911 yards receiving and three touchdowns, Houshmandzadeh talks about his frustrations, which mostly results in talking about how great he is.

“I came from a team with Chad and Chris Henry, where I was the go-to guy. People on the outside might think it was Chad, but those who were there know better – it was me. Not to discredit anybody, but we didn’t have a Chad on [last year’s] team, and I wasn’t the go-to guy. That confused me.”

That's fine. In truth, he really was the "go-to guy."

But he doesn't like using the excuse of losing.

“I came from Cincy,” he says. “I’ve been on teams where we lost.”

Now, now, T.J. In truth, Houshmandzadeh's eight-year tenure with the Bengals resulted in three losing seasons. Then again, it also only resulted in one winning season.

Though we thought it was somewhat ironic that of the three teams he was debating during free agency last year before joining the Seahawks, the Vikings and Bengals were the ones that made the playoffs.