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Former Bengals Players Find New Teams

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The Kansas City Chiefs are starting to have propensity to signing our castoff offensive lineman. After being the suckers that signed Eric "The Distraction" Ghiaciuc after the Bengals refused to re-sign him, the Chiefs released him before the regular season opener. He found a spot with the Chargers 53-man roster, but didn't play. He wasn't offered a tender by the Chargers. He spent just over two months with the Browns before finding his way onto the Florida Tuskers' roster.

All that being said, the newest traveling offensive lineman could very well be making his first stop. Former Bengals center/guard Dan Santucci was signed by the Kansas City Chiefs last week.

Maybe we can include the New England Patriots, who now have Ghiaciuc and recently waived quarterback Jeff Rowe, as the "next level" for players that the Bengals graciously give to the league as donators to the greater good. Daniel Coats, anyone?

That being said, the Cardinals signed former Bengals fullback Reagan Maui'a. He's the guy that ran through a wall that was either precut or an unfasten piece of thin drywall -- but looked badass all the same.