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Terrell Owens Shrugs Off Browns Happy Meal Cornerback

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Cleveland Browns Cornerback Ronald Brandon McDonald figured that he'd start getting into Terrell Owens' head before the season starts with the following (graphical) tweet.

"Bengals huh???" McDonald wrote.  "Yessss, another piece of p**** fa da Browns secondary to [slang for gang rape using the word train.] . . . NoHomo . . . Let's Goooo!!!! ITS TRU."

The tweet by this Browns Assclown was reportedly taken down over the weekend.

When asked about it, Owens responded:

"Who?" before adding "I don't even know who he is. Is he Ronald McDonald?"

"I really don't care if he has something to say," said Owens, who will face McDonald in Cleveland in Week 4 of the regular season. "Obviously, you have to back it up. I'm not afraid of competition, a challenge or whatever. We play the Browns so he'll see us ... I'm not worried about it."

That's right. Terrell Owens is actually the one that displays class against this happy meal cornerback, who will get owned in week four. That is, if the happy meal cornerback makes the squad in the first place.