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Bengals Fly and Reds Fight in the Heat

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Rey Maualuga tweeted earlier that it felt like he was practicing in an oven today. It must have felt the same in Great American Ballpark tonight too when the Reds and the Cardinals decided to cool off by clearing the benches and having a hug-off behind home plate. The heat is getting to people, including me. I hate being hot and I hate paying out the rear to cool my place when it feels like Southwest Ohio is in the threshold of Hell (temperature wise).

At least the Bengals are being productive in the heat. While the sun feels like it's hovering just 40 feet over the Cincinnati skyline, Carson Palmer and Terrell Owens may be solving their timing issues. At practice today, Palmer hit TO on a few passes including one long bomb against Morgan Trent. I'm not exactly sure how the ball didn't burn up and disintegrate when it was over ten feet up in the air. Maybe before he threw it, Palmer doused it with a fire extinguisher..... like in Tremors 2: Aftershocks. Remember that movie? No? I can't be the only one who saw it. I am? Damn.

Anyway, TO and Palmer may be fixing their timing trouble. We saw them connect a couple times in the Hall of Fame game and they connected a few times today at practice too.

Carson Palmer was 4 of 5 for 40 yards on a two-minute drill, including a 23-yard strike to Terrell Owens to put the ball in opposing territory. But the drive stalled on the opponents 42 when Palmer was sacked on first down. Owens caught a bomb from Palmer in stride earlier in the practice and beat Morgan Trent in coverage. Owens also made a nice tip and catch while being guarded by Johnathan Joseph.

Palmer and Chad Ochocinco already have their timing down. It's good to hear that Palmer and TO may be on the same page soon too. No matter what Chad says about TO being the number one receiver, Chad is going to be Palmer's main man for as long as he's a Bengal. I can't really complain about TO being the number two, especially if he and Palmer are in sync. Having two number-ones can't hurt.