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LB Converted to FB: Dan Skuta Already Receiving Praise

Due to Fui Vakapuna's injury and the lack of overall depth at the team's fullback position, the Bengals coaching staff are giving linebacker Dan Skuta a look in the backfield. The former high school running back, recording 1,092 yards rushing and 20 touchdowns at Flint, Michigan, is already getting some praises.

"Danny did a good job. He made some adjustments, including some on the move," running backs coach Jim Anderson said. "He's eager and we just have to put him in a situation where he gets more reps and do what we do offensively and work on technique."

"He's just a rare breed," quarterback Carson Palmer said. "He's a big, fast, physical strong guy who's smart and can do anything. There's room on the team for him because he's versatile and can do so many different things."

Skuta is also sporting Corey Lynch's old number -- 47.

Still, the teams overall fullback position is largely a mystery. Fui Vakapuna spent the second half of his rookie year on the Bengals 53-man roster, but was listed as inactive every week. Joe Tronzo is an undrafted free agent, though he appeared able during Sunday's Hall of Fame game. Then there's Daniel Coats, whose has the most experience at fullback in the NFL.

And I think this is the first time I didn't accidently call him Dan Stuka.