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Marvin Lewis: It Will Be A Couple Weeks Before Brian Leonard Is Back to Healthy

During Wednesday's press conference -- which will obviously be posted, commented and replied upon because of Andre Smith -- Marvin Lewis reiterated a previous Geoff Hobson hint that Brian Leonard's injury is far more optimistic than what was led to believe.

“Brian has an injured foot and it will be a couple weeks before he’s back to healthy. When it heals he’ll back here ready to go. I can’t look into the future and go beyond that. Right now his foot is injured. There’s nothing that says he would be out for the year or on IR so we’ll go from there.”

As of now, if you read through the Lewisenese, he says that basically Leonard's injury isn't season-ending, but they're still not sure. Within a few weeks, they'll evaluate again and determine if he's ready to go. Either way, if he's not placed on IR, Leonard will have to use a roster spot, whether he's ready to play or not. As some of you know, he can't go on the Physically Unable to Perform list. Unlike the idiocracy of actually having Antonio Bryant practice pointlessly making him ineligible for the PUP that would have freed up a roster spot through the first six games in the regular season instead forcing the team to wonder if they should put him on IR or outright release him, Leonard suffered his injury during the game, but had practiced beforehand.

But after hearing Andre Smith being ripped by the head coach, if your Leonard, your ass won't just be healthy in a couple of weeks, you're going to be in the best shape of your career.