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Deadline To Show Bengals/Broncos Sunday Night Game: 7PM Thursday Night

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And thus the deadline story begins. If games are not sold out 72 hours before a game kicks off, the game will blacked out in the local market, which is defined as a 75-mile radius from the local team's stadium. This was a story that wouldn't die last year. Thankfully, during the regular season, the NFL allowed five extensions for Cincinnati to show home games allowing the team to be seen locally during their 2009 playoff season. Even more thankfully to the local companies and television channels (notably Channel 12) for buying up tickets in bulk for the sellout to happen.

Granted, preseason games are a much harder sell. For one, most of the tickets cost regular season prices for a game in which the backup and third string players will be featured much more predominantly.

Earlier this year we got encouraging reports that since Terrell Owens signed, ticket sales immediately increased. While there's no sellouts yet, it would s

On Sunday, the Bengals will host the Denver Broncos at 7 PM. The game is to be carried on the NFL Network and the Bengals television network. However, according to Joe Reedy, the game isn't sold out and if tickets remain past the 7 PM deadline, then the game will not be broadcast live. Fret not, the game will be shown on tape delay on Local 12 at 11:30 PM. I know it doesn't help some of you that have to work bright and early Monday morning.

Paul Keels, last year's preseason play-by-play guy, has moved on to broadcast the Reds on Fox Sports Ohio. Dan Hoard, the guy that broadcasts all the University of Cincinnati basketball and football games, will take over with the four remaining games this preseason.