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Question About Backup Quarterback Problem: What About Tony Pike

If you combined J.T. O'Sullivan and Jordan Palmer's performances from last Sunday, it would look something like this.

14 31 45.2% 135 1 3 29.0

Excluding his legendary 1.7 passer rating performance on January 3 against the Jets last season, Palmer has never recorded anything lower than a well earned 32.3 rating during the team's 10-7 loss to the Baltimore Ravens on September 7, 2008. Ryan Fitzpatrick's lowest passer rating as a starting quarterback with the Bengals? Against the Browns on September 28, the now Bills quarterback recorded a 44.5 passer rating. Jon Kitna recorded a 47.6 passer rating during a 34-7 loss to the Indianapolis Colts on October 13, 2002.

You have to go back to the days of Akili Smith to find a quarterback rating so low. During a 12-3 win against the Cleveland Browns on October 29, 2000, Smith recorded a 27.9 passer rating, recording 84 yards passing, completing seven of 20 passes, one of which went for an interception.

However, it does seem a rather unfair comparison, doesn't it? I wrote all of that for fun and for informational reasons. For one, starting quarterbacks during the regular season benefit from a lot of work during the week, or during the season. O'Sullivan and Jordan didn't receive that heading into the Hall of Fame game.

Marvin Lewis said of his backup quarterbacks:

“I don’t think either of them played as well as we need them to play. ‘Nuff said,” Lewis said.

In response, Dayton Daily News' Carlos Holmes wonders: What about Tony Pike?

A player who could be of some interest is former Cincinnati Bearcats quarterback Tony Pike, who is in jeopardy of being released by the Carolina Panthers. He’s buried on the team’s depth chart behind starter Matt Moore, rookie second round pick Jimmy Clausen and Hunter Cantwell. Pike has taken limited snaps in training camp and his days with the Panthers are likely numbered. The quarterback was selected by Carolina in the sixth round of this year’s draft.

The Bengals showed some interest in the Cincinnati product during the draft process. It wouldn’t be at all surprising if the team rekindled its interest should Pike become available. He would give the Bengals a young quarterback to groom behind Palmer.