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Bratkowski: Jordan Palmer Offering J.T. O'Sullivan "Fair Challenge" For Backup Quarterback

Since the question was raised Sunday Night, the general concern with this team, from fans, ranges from the offensive line's performance with the first unit to the team's backup quarterbacks. There are several discussions as to what's available at quarterback. Earlier in the week we tried to promote patience for both, simply because using that game as a judgment for, well, anything, might be a tad bit rash. And that probably should include the praise of Michael Johnson and Geno Atkins. If we were to be, you know, fair.

Still, it would be irresponsible of us not to point out one thing. That the two are connected. If the offensive line doesn't do well, no matter what backup or starting quarterback you have, they're not going to do well. And Bob Bratkowski points that out, saying:

“That second offensive line, for a lot of them that was their first work in the NFL. Hopefully they’ll slow it down and be better this game,” Bratkowski said. “(O’Sullivan and Palmer) have to play better, but you’ve got to remember, they’ve got to get protection, too. They ended up in a lot of third-and-longs because of penalties.”

That said, there is most definitely a competition between backup quarterbacks. While some predict -- while lacking foresight, substance or insider information -- that the team could go with two quarterbacks (including Carson Palmer), the issue doesn't change: Who backs up Carson Palmer? Geoff Hobson writes that Bob Bratkowski "thinks Jordan Palmer is offering 'a fair challenge' to J.T. O’Sullivan as the club’s No. 2 quarterback."

“If I’m going to be a truly good number two quarterback in this league, I’ve got to be trustworthy. That’s the big word: Trustworthy,” Palmer said when told Bratkowski says he’s challenging for No. 2. “The offensive coordinator has to say, ‘I’m fine with Jordan going in and I’m fine with these plays.’ I’m excited about having four games left. I feel good. I just have to show the organization what I can do.”