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Preseason Open Thread: Baltimore Ravens vs. Carolina Panthers

One of our many hated rivals, the Baltimore Ravens, will take on the Carolina Panthers Thursday night in preseason NFL action on ESPN at 8PM. That's right. We can see what the big deal is with a team that finished winless against the Bengals in 2009. The same team that's lost seven of their past 10 games against the Bengals since 2005, which includes three, count them, three season sweeps in the past five years. But that's not all. The Bengals will head to Carolina during week three, just after playing Baltimore. So both teams on ESPN tonight will be seen relatively early in the regular season.

So here's an open thread to talk about the game. Actually, talk about anything you'd like. Ravens/Panthers, more on the Bengals bigger subjects we've tabbed this week, things that haven't made that big of a deal that we should have, the Cincinnati Reds, the best TV shows, what's the newest music that the kids are coming out with, hot chicks, etc.. whatever.