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Carlos Dunlap Expected To See More Reps With Robert Geathers Injury

Reports started surfacing Thursday Night that Bengals defensive end Robert Geathers had a boot on his foot. How he injured his foot, when it happened or even what foot is subject to interpretation -- or the old school of taking a wild guess. The good news is that Geathers' "injured foot" isn't expected to be an issue heading into the regular season.

While Geathers is often ripped for not being a more effective pass rusher, the defensive end is one of the league's best run stoppers. Pro Football Focus -- a site that charts players and plays that made the unwise decision to go premium making their stats far less available and therefore traffic far fewer because people like us aren't going to spend $90 to pay for something we chart, at most, once a week -- ranked Geathers as one of the top ten defensive ends against the run.

With Geathers being sidelined, Bengals rookie Carlos Dunlap expects to see a lot of snaps this preseason. Dunlap missed the team's preseason opener against the Dallas Cowboys recovering from a concussion suffered earlier that week.

“Make them all count," Dunlap said after Thursday’s practice.

“I’m going to try and get a couple of pressures. I’ve got an obligation to perform. This is my job. I didn’t get really behind too much. I made sure I got mental reps and extra film time.”