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It's that time of the week again. That's right. Time to pay the bills, promote a really sweet deal and burden you with the reminder that you still haven't joined's Fantasy Football Commissioner League. And if you haven't joined, then take advantage of the 50% discount for one of the best fantasy football league's available (you have to click that link to get the discount). And remember, you receive a 14-day trial.

Rather than convincing you to purchase the league, forcing your buddies to reimburse you for a slot that would likely be less than $10 so you can realistically play GOD -- and that's not to say you couldn't add a few bucks in the reimbursement asking price to make a few bucks when it's all said in done -- let's examine quarterback rankings.

In Jamey Eisenberg and Dave Richard's fantasy football rankings, Carson Palmer ranked 14th and 13th respectively. A steal later in the draft? Well, as we know as Bengals fans, there's uncertainty after a season in which his production saw noticeable fall from his previous averages from 2005-2007.

The season outlook on Palmer is as follows:

Carson Palmer is hoping to improve this season after a disappointing 2009. Expectations were relatively high for Palmer heading into 2009. Coming off of elbow surgery and primed for a big season, he wound up handing off nearly as often as he dropped back to pass and thus posted disappointing totals. Palmer finished with 3,094 yards on 282 of 466 passing (60.5 percent) with 21 touchdowns and 13 interceptions. Palmer also scampered for three touchdowns and added a career-best 93 rush yards. But his passing totals were way down from where we remembered them from 2005 to 2007. One reason for it: The Bengals' passing game was pathetic. Once the team lost WR Chris Henry, Palmer had two multi-touchdown games passing and only one game over 250 yards. Sure, Chad Ochocinco had a good year, but the Bengals' pass attack was pretty easy to stop once he was blanketed. The Bengals addressed their receiving corps with the additions of Terrell Owens, Matt Jones and Antonio Bryant as free agents and Jermaine Gresham, Jordan Shipley and Dezmon Briscoe in the NFL Draft.

Now the question is, would you draft Palmer in the later rounds, or would you look for someone with a bit more production? Here's a look at their quarterback rankings.

Ranking Jamey Eisenberg Dave Richard
1 Drew Brees Aaron Rodger
2 Peyton Manning Peyton Manning
3 Aaron Rodgers Drew Brees
4 Tom Brady Matt Schaub
5 Matt Schaub Tom Brady
6 Tony Romo Tony Romo
7 Phillip Rivers Phillip Rivers
8 Joe Flacco Brett Favre
9 Jay Cutler Eli Manning
10 Matt Ryan Joe Flacco
11 Brett Favre Jay Cutler
12 Eli Manning Kevin Kolb
13 Kevin Kolb Carson Palmer
14 Carson Palmer Matt Ryan
15 Donovan McNabb Alex Smith