So. Andre "bubba" Caldwell. What's gonna happen to you bra?

Nobody is saying he's a bad football player. Nobody's saying he can't contribute to the team in any way, shape, or form.

What IS happening though is that we might not need him at all.

Let's take a look at what he is. He's a slot receiver and a return man. So we gotta ask ourselves, do we have better players that fit that role? I believe we do.

T.O., Chad, Bryant, and Shipley are the 4 locks to make the team at WR right? So that leaves us with 1, possibly 2, and much more remotely possible 3 spots to fill at WR.

The candidates: Caldwell, Simpson, Jones, Cosby, Briscoe, Purify.

Let's go ahead and scratch Briscoe and Purify. Purify is just not good enough. Briscoe is promising but is not getting enough reps to prove himself. Obviously we'd keep both on the PS. Briscoe would probably get snatched by another team.

That leaves us with Caldwell, Simpson, Jones, and Cosby.

Hmmmmm, interesting. So let's go ahead and categorize these types of receivers.

Slot: Caldwell and Cosby.

All around: Simpson.

Tall target: Jones.

Return possibilites: Caldwell and Cosby.

Now that we've classified these last four, let's go ahead and remember our 4 starters:

All around: Ocho, T.O., Bryant.

Slot: Bryant, Shipley

Tall target: T.O.

Let's focus on Caldwell and Cosby now. As I see it, Cosby has the edge here. Cosby is a slot receiver AND a tremendous return guy. Caldwell is just a slot receiver with so-so return abilities. The way I see it is that we already have two potentially great slot receivers in Bryant and Shipley which would render Caldwell's role completely obsolete. Cosby's only chance at making the team would be as a return guy and our #3 slot receiver.

Now, lets go to Jones and Simpson. Two intriguing prospects. A former 1st rounder with tremendous hands and seperation speed, and another with great athletisicsm but with too much inconsistency. The way I see it here is that we only have 1 tall target and 3 all around receivers, which would lead me to conclude that we need another tall target, especially since Palmer loves tall targets. The edge goes to Matt Jones.

So by this analysis, I would keep 6 receivers. Matt Jones is of great value due to his unique abilities and his tall physique, while Cosby could be our #1 return specialist and possibly service as a WR in case we have several injured WR's throughout the season. My six are:

1. Chad Ochocinco

2. Terrel Owens

3. Antonio Bryant

4. Jordan Shipley

5. Matt Jones

6. Quan Cosby

WOOWWW. Is it possible we would trade or let go Simspon and Caldwell? I believe it's not only possible, but it's a favorable scenario for us.

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