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Antonio Bryant Injury Settlement Rumors Resurface

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A day after WR Jerome Simpson reminded Cincinnati Bengals fans that he was still on the team, the rumor mill lit up with yet more "rumblings" that WR Antonio Bryant might not make the final 53. Over at, Frank Tadych writes that the Bengals may reach an injury settlement with Bryant and cut him loose.

NFL Network insider Jason La Canfora passed on word that, according to his sources, it’s a distinct possibility the Bengals could reach an injury settlement with Bryant, meaning he would never play a down for the team. The Bengals, after giving Bryant nearly $10 million in guarantees, would have to eat a chunk of that money, but their concerns over his effectiveness this season are very real.

La Canfora also reports that even if Bryant makes the team, he isn't expected to be ready for week 1.