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Kyle Cook Suffers Mild Ankle Sprain Against Denver: Should Return Soon

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Injuries are always a big concern during the preseason. It's a major sticking point, with players especially, as to the debate that the league should limit preseason games to two, rather than four -- much less FIVE! Cincinnati narrowly missed a major injury against the Cowboys when Brian Leonard suffered a mid-foot sprain. While the injury is likely to keep him out for several regular season games, it wasn't the disastrous season-ending injury that was feared -- or the career-threatening injury that Leonard was terrified of believing.

Bengals center Kyle Cook was the team's biggest casualty during Sunday's 33-24 win over the Denver Broncos. Considering that we've seen much, much worse during the preseason in the past -- think Kenny Irons -- Cook's mild sprain ankle isn't expected to keep him out for very long.

While a prolonged injury would have be a major concern with the Bengals, rookie offensive lineman Reggie Stephens stepped up big time.

On his first series, the Bengals went 78 yards in 13 plays and took nearly eight minutes off the clock, completing the drive with a 1-yard touchdown run by Cedric Benson.

“We scored a touchdown so you can’t be too disappointed with that,” said Stephens. “I’m just trying to get the footwork and calls down as well as Cook so I can do the job when he’s not in there.”

The person eyeing Stephens' performance last Sunday has to be backup Jonathan Luigs, who has yet to hit the field and as a result, could very well find himself on the outside looking in.