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Two Media Members Ask For Tim Tebow Autograph

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A little firestorm was ignited this weekend after two reporters reportedly asked Tim Tebow for an autograph in the Broncos lockerroom after the Bengals Denver 33-24 Sunday Night. You must know that, from my experience and knowledge, asking an autograph from a player from a member of the credentialed media is a quick way to get banished and have your credentials revoked. It's one of those deadly sin type of deals; along with acting the fool in the press box, wearing your favorite team's jersey. It's something about professionalism.

The Cincinnati Enquirer's Joe Reedy denies that anyone from the Enquirer was even in the Broncos lockerroom after the game, much less seeking an autograph.

Gregg Rosenthal, using Alex Marvez's article writes that "One was a Cincinnati reporter. One was a photographer." However, not only did Marvez NOT give us any details on the actual reporter, he has no idea who it was. Therefore saying he's a Cincinnati reporter is a bit premature, Gregg. And it seems less likely that one of those members is a Cincinnati-based reporter anyway.

In an e-mail, Bengals media relations director Jack Brennan told me 80 credentials were issued to independent media outlets for Sunday’s contest but hundreds more are given each game to such parties as stadium workers, NFL employees and visiting team personnel.

Furthermore, Reedy writes:

Bengals Public Relations would also like to find out who it was so that the appropriate disciplinary measures can be handed out, but right now since a credential number wasn’t taken down and descriptions of the two do not fit any members of the regular Bengals media corps, we don’t know who it is.

The story has taken on a life of its own, mostly amongst the media, who view this as a severe violation. As for fans? There's no reason really to care about it. It wasn't the Enquirer, or beat writer Geoff Hobson. So our revenue of information remains unmolested.

And it wasn't one of the area bloggers for the Bengals still view us in a not-so positive light, being bloggers and all. One day they'll be like, "alright, you give us good advertising talking about us all of the time so we'll give you a shot." But that time hasn't come. Either way, just know, that since we're still not credentialed with the Bengals, being bloggers and all, it wasn't us.