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Report: Rey Maualuga Fined Two Game Checks But Not Suspended After January Arrest For DUI

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We were concerned about Cedric Benson, after the running back was charged with assault one month after the alleged incident. When news that Roger Goodell wouldn't suspend the running back was released, we were relieved. However, another Bengals player was waiting on word after being arrested for a DUI in Kentucky -- seriously, live in Ohio guys!

According to Adam Schefter, Bengals linebacker Rey Maualuga will not be suspended by the league for his January DUI arrest. However, he's not totally clear. He'll be fined two game checks, which amounts to $46,470.58 -- or in blue collar terms, way mo dan I'm gettin.

Since his arrest, Maualuga has proudly promoted his sobriety while he remains in "stage one of the league’s substance abuse program."