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No Bengals Sellout Friday Night Means A Blackout And No Tape Delay

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Cincinnati's third preseason game will be played at home; their final home game of the preseason. And with preseason games in a city that struggles to sellout most of their games lately, it stands a good chance that Friday Night's game won't sell out. The deadline will be Wednesday at 8PM -- 72 hours before kickoff.

That being said, there's a good chance that if you live within the local market, you won't even see the game at all, unless you head downtown Friday night or live outside the 75-mile radius. The game is being carried nationally on Fox and won't be on tape delay, according to

That means, no sellout, and you're not planning to head to Paul Brown stadium and most likely you'll miss out. Unless, of course, you come to Cincy Jungle (cheap promotion? probably). While we won't have the game streaming through the site, we'll be able to provide updates. Furthermore, we'll have fans that live outside the area that will be able to watch the game. And those fans will be able to give us a feeling of how the game is going, how certain players are performing. Hint, hint?