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Lewis: Starters Playing More Than Last Week; Maybe A Half

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Thanks to the Hall of Fame game which gave us a ridiculous fifth preseason game in which Brian Leonard suffered an injury that has him out until late September, the Bengals will be heading into their third preseason game of the season; even though the NFL defines this weekend as the second preseason week. If this were the third preseason game, this would be the de facto dress rehearsal in which starters play a majority of three quarters. That, my friends, is slated for next week against the Buffalo Bills.

This week the Bengals host the Philadelphia Eagles.

When asked how long the team's starters will play, Lewis said:

“They’ll play a little more than they did last week (OK, maybe a half). Some guys, some guys won’t play as much as they did last week.”

The Bengals first team offense left the game with eight minutes left in the second quarter against the Broncos last Sunday.