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Kyle Cook and Dan Skuta "Good To Go" For Friday; Andre Smith Could See Action

Against the Broncos, Kyle Cook has his ankle rolled, which knocked him out of the game and properly introduced us to Reggie Stephens; a pretty serviceable backup utility interior offensive lineman. Dan Skuta also hurt his ankle in the same game. Unfortunately they weren't experienced enough to use the Battlegear of Valor, which gives you increased healing and better defenses. Nope. But that's what preseason is for, to gain experience.

And fortunately, both Cook and Skuta will be good to go this Friday against the Philadelphia Eagles.

Those that are definitely out include fullback Fui Vakapuna (shoulder), defensive end Robert Geathers (foot) and offensive tackle Andrew Mitchell (knee).

That also means that Andre Smith could see action, because backup tackle (and guard) Anthony Collins wasn't on the field during Wednesdays practice for an unknown reason.