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Andre Smith Gets On-Field Work In; Marvin Lewis Believes Alabama Wasn't Straight About Smith

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If it wasn't for Terrell Owens, or even the hefty contract handed to a receiver that was questionably recovered from a knee injury, the story of Andre Smith would unquestionably take the cake. Coaches are disappointed. Fans are tired of it. Questions of work ethic were raised by Marvin Lewis, who would go on to rip Alabama's coaching staff through Peter King, writing, that Lewis "doesn't think Alabama shot him straight with its pre-draft info (the kid's work ethic leaves a lot to be desired) and Smith was not diligent enough in the offseason rehabbing a foot injury."

On Sunday, Smith, who reportedly weighed 370 pounds, began doing on-field work an hour before practice with legendary center Dermontti Dawson. The work was mostly a test to "see how Smith's left foot would respond to basic line drills."

“He seems to be doing well,” said Dawson of Smith. “Since he’s been out of practice for awhile we did a little drive block, angle block, pass protection and put a little stress on his foot and see how it feels. He knows his assignments. It’s just about gaining confidence.”

Smith is still expected to return in time for a chance to claim the starting right tackle spot. However, there's always a chance that Smith could be placed on PUP if he's still not fully recovered.