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Jermaine Gresham To Sign Early This Week?

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Latest word on Jermaine Gresham is that there's enough progress that a signing could take place within "in the next day or two." If Gresham isn't signed and misses both practices on Monday, the rookie tight end will have missed eight practices with nine remaining before the team breaks camp and heads back to Cincinnati.

As of this posting, Gresham is one of five unsigned first round draft picks.

As was reported over the weekend on these pages, Gresham has been completely slotted when the Broncos agreed to terms with wide receiver Demaryius Thomas to a five-year deal worth $15 million and $9.35 million guaranteed.

All contracts are five-year deals.

# Overall Pick Team Deal
19 Sean Weatherspoon Falcons 17.5 Million; $10.5 Million guaranteed
20 Kareem Jackson Texans 16.3 Million (max); $10.35 M guaranteed
21 Jermaine Gresham Bengals  
22 Demaryius Thomas Broncos $15.5 Million (max); $9.35 M guaranteed
23 Bryan Bulaga Packers 14.75 Million; $8.76 Million guaranteed

All of that known, Gresham's window for a contract is between $15.5-16.3 million of maximum total salary with between $9.35-10.35 million in guaranteed money. Now that we've waited for Gresham to be slotted, now it's time to get the deal done today.