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King: Lewis Had To Sooth Owens To Get Him In Cincinnati

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Even though the Bengals signed Terrell Owens last week and now that everything is truly hunky-dory (when was the last time you heard hunky-dory?), it seemed that Marvin Lewis had a roll to play to get the wide receiver after the Bengals favored Antonio Bryant and not Owens in March. Truth be told, Owens found out that the Bengals offered Bryant a contract first, which wasn't so bad. However, Owens learned about Bryant's offer through a text message before the team could get ahold of him.

And he wasn't happy.

According to Peter King.

"Then, the first thing after we signed Bryant, Carson [Palmer] says to me, "Let's sign T.O. too,'' Lewis said. The organization decided not to, and instead to draft a slot receiver, Jordan Shipley, in the third round. But as time went on, and spring turned to summer, Owens was still out there. He went to work out in Los Angeles with Matt Leinart, and Palmer was there. Palmer told him to lessen his demands, and he'd go to bat for him. "You're not going to make $5 million,'' Palmer said. "You've got to be realistic.''

He took $2 million, plus incentives, and last Tuesday, when he was trying to decide whether to take the Bengals' offer, Lewis called him and apparently clinched it. "My team wants you as a teammate,'' the coach told him.

It just goes to show you that smoothing a player's ego after a feeling of disrespect can be lessened. That, and you know, not having a job.