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Multiple Sources: Gresham Agrees to Five Year Deal With Bengals

According to multiple sources (vie Twitter.... I know, I know), the Bengals have signed their first-round draft pick, Jermaine Gresham to a five year deal. If this is true, it's great news for the Bengals who play their first preseason game this Sunday against the Cowboys.

For the Bengals, a holdout from the team's first-round pick has become the rule, not the exception.  Few teams like to pay big money based only on potential, and the bargain-hunting Bengals are usually one of the most reluctant franchises when it comes to making an unproven player a multi-millionaire.

This year, the team's first-round pick held out once again.  But the holdout has ended.  Tight end Jermaine Gresham has agreed to terms.

Gresham, who is the number one tight end on the Bengals depth chart, is the final draft pick for the Bengals to sign and the missing piece to an offense with a ton of talent. If he signed this afternoon, he should be on the field tonight for his first practice.

Stay tuned for updates when the deal becomes official, that is, when I can find it somewhere other than Twitter.