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Report: New York Jets Shopping Quarterback Kellen Clemens

How desperate are you to get rid of J.T. O'Sullivan and Jordan Palmer?

According to ESPN, the New York Jets showcased quarterback Kellen Clemens on Monday Night Football because they are looking to trade the fifth year player. So the question is, would you trade a seventh round pick for Clemens, release O'Sullivan and Palmer and go with two quarterbacks?

Might not be as good of an idea as you think. Comparing their career numbers and you see that O'Sullivan nearly beats out Clemens on every statistical category.

  Games Comp Att PCT Yards Avg. TD INT
Kellen Clemens 24 146 282 51.8% 1,680 6.0 5 11
J.T. O'Sullivan 17 145 257 56.4% 1,886 7.3 9 13

Granted, stats aren't everything. But do you really get the feeling that if Carson Palmer goes down to a season-long injury that the Bengals will perform that much better as a team with Clemens than with O'Sullivan. In gambling, they call it a push. In football, I'm calling it a push.

But hey, what's the hurt in asking about Clemens and what do you lose with a seventh round draft pick, which could be easily used for another middle-of-the-road, always battling for a backup gig in the NFL, type of quarterback?