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Ocho and TO: A Duo for the Ages

Miami wouldn't have been nearly as Sonny (get it?) if there was no Crocket and only a Tubbs. Who would care about CHiPs if John Baker rode without Ponch? If there was no K.I.T.T, Michael would have had to ride a bicycle... who would want to see that? Nobody would have cared about Mr. Roarke if Tattoo wasn't fallowing him around making everything.... creepy. And of course, who could forget about Milli and Vani..... never mind.


The point is, I love 80's television. Wait. That's not the point. Here's the point. The real point is, sometimes, a good partner makes us be the best we can be. That's what Carson Palmer and offensive coordinator, Bob Bratkowski, think about Chad Ochocinco and Terrell Owens.

But his quarterback and offensive coordinator are saying plenty about the impact Owens has had on Ochocinco on the field. While the 36-year-old Owens is saying his friend has rejuvenated him because of his inexhaustible supply of energy, Carson Palmer and Bob Bratkowski are saying Owens has done the same for the 32-year-old Ocho.

Many people were concerned with the fact that TO was coming to Cincinnati. The Bengals already have one "diva" wide receiver on the roster, could they really handle another? That's a yes. We always forget that in order to be a professional athlete, in any sport, you need to be more focused and obsessed with success than everybody around you. Ocho and TO are two of the best in the league. If competition drives an athlete to better his game, then there should be no better competition for Ocho than TO and vise versa.

"Chad has stepped his game up. He looks as good now as he did in 2003, 2004, 2005, whenever he was leading the AFC (in yards)," Palmer said before Wednesday’s practice. "It makes sense. Chad is extremely competitive. He doesn’t want to be outshone. He doesn’t want to be second fiddle to anybody. Bringing Terrell in here has really catapulted his game to another level that not many receivers can get to. And that’s what is exciting about Chad the potential of the year he can have."

Offensive players, defensive players and even the coaches are happy with what they have seen from Ochocinco and TO. Palmer is especially happy that, with all of the media focus on Chad and TO, he gets some time to himself.

"It used be they would come in and see me and Chad," he said of the national media. "Now they come into see Chad and Terrell and I get a little more time to eat lunch or watch film, whatever it is."