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Forbes: Cincinnati Bengals Franchise Ranks 25th Most Valuable

Every year Forbes releases valuations, or a list of franchise values, breaking down much of the franchise's financial breakdowns. The Dallas Cowboys are valued at $1.8 billion, which ranks tops in the NFL. The Washington Redskins, the league's second most valuable franchise, is valued at $1.6 billion. Oddly, yet perhaps expectedly, of the top seven most valuable teams in the NFL, four of them belong to the NFC East.

As for the AFC North, the most valuable franchise is expectedly the Baltimore Ravens, valued at $1.1 billion.

Any guesses on the least valued franchise in the AFC North?

The Cincinnati Bengals are valued at $905 million, ranking 25th in the NFL, a 5% decrease from the previous year, and last in the division. Last year, the Bengals were valued at $953 million, which ranked 21st in the league. Though the decrease isn't uncommon in the league -- many teams are seeing a reduction in their value from the previous year -- the Bengals sport one of the highest value decreases in the league. The Jacksonville Jaguars take the cake with a 16% decrease in value; the Rams ranked second with a -15% change. The Bills also experienced a12% decrease (see, Terrell Owens will WRECK your team if you let him leave).

For those of you finding yourself more immersed in the financial breakdown, because mostly what I see is blah, blah, blah, check out Forbes' Bengals page.

AFC North Value One-Year Change
Baltimore Ravens $1.1 Billion -1%
Cleveland Browns $1 Billion -2%
Pittsburgh Steelers $996 Million -2%
Cincinnati Bengals $905 Million -5%