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Infirmary Sets Its Sights On The Secondary: Roy Williams and Morgan Trent Out Against Buffalo

This weekend the Cincinnati Bengals head to Buffalo to play their fourth preseason game of the year on Saturday night. Hey, it's a 6:30 PM start. Make note for the unusual time from drunken schedulers; who schedules non playoff games for 6:30? What the hell went wrong with 7PM? Maybe it's for the Saturday night life in Buffalo. Does that exist? Thankfully it won't be the frigid Buffalo where the Bengals haven't won a regular season game since 1985. The winds will be light, the temperatures around the high 70s with absolutely no chance for precipitation. Tim Hedrick, eat your heart out.

It's generally expected that the team will play their starters through the first half, much like they did against the Philadelphia Eagles last week. The healthy ones at least.

According to Joe Reedy, the secondary will be very thin on Saturday with Morgan Trent and Roy Williams out "due to ankle injuries while safety Chinedum Ndukwe has not practiced this week due to an unspecified injury. Cornerback Johnny Sears (muscle pull) is also doubtful." With Ndukwe possible out and Williams, who said he'd play if this were the regular season, definitely out, the Bengals are likely going to start Kyries Hebert.

Along with the secondary, Antonio Bryant, Maurice Purify, Fui Vakapuna, Rashad Jeanty, Anthony Collins and Robert Geathers are likely out, with Tank Johnson and Andre Caldwell practicing on Thursday for the first time this week.