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Preseason Open Thread: Cincinnati Bengals (2-1) At Buffalo Bills (1-1)

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Once tonight's preseason game concludes, the Bengals will largely be ready for the regular season. Well, not ready, ready. But largely, the team's starters will have had a majority of their preseason work behind them, with the only certainties being the select few that will be battling for a roster spot. On August 31, all NFL teams are forced to lower their maximum roster from 80 players to 75. Then like so many other NFL teams in the league, the Bengals will largely rest their starters in an effort to ready them for the regular season kickoff, which comes with an immediate challenging game in New England.

As for tonight, the starters are expected to play through the first half of a game that kicks off at 6:30 PM Saturday night. While I remain faithful to the theory that it's foolish to judge any aspect about this team during the preseason, this should be the best sample that the Bengals will put on the field.

Since there's no official injury reports during the preseason, all we can do is rely on Marvin Lewis press conferences and assumptions based on how they're practicing by the team's local beat writers.

Bengals expected not to play are S Tom Nelson (knee), LB Rashad Jeanty (leg), FB Fui Vakapuna (shoulder), WR Antonio Bryant (knee), DE Robert Geathers (foot), RB Brian Leonard (foot), CB Morgan Trent (ankle), S Roy Williams (ankle), S Chinedum Ndukwe (unspecified), OT Anthony Collins (foot), CB Johnny Sears (muscle pull), WR Maurice Purify (knee).

The last time the Bengals beat the Bills in Buffalo in the regular season was 1985 -- I was seven years old when Larry Kinnebrew's three-yard touchdown run gave the Bengals a 10-point lead in the fourth quarter, eventually securing a victory with a 31-yard Jim Breech field goal. That being said, the last time the Bengals beat the Bills in Buffalo during the preseason was 2006. Carson Palmer hadn't yet made his preseason debut after his (enter letter)CL injury during the Wild Card game in 2005, so Anthony Wright started, completing nine of 19 passes for 99 yards passing. DeDe Dorsey had 102 yards total, which included 80 yards receiving. The Bengals won 44-31.

Now the Bengals will kick off their fourth preseason game in 2010.