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Pregame Open Thread: Bengals Head To Buffalo

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Today's pregame open thread brings a variety of topics. We can talk about expectations for the team's fourth preseason game. We can talk about the Cincinnati Reds' four-game lead over the St. Louis Cardinals. We can talk about college football, which kicks off this week. We can talk about whatever you'd like. Let's also talk about questions coming into Buffalo.

Can Andre Smith look like he belongs? How does Kyries Hebert perform as a starting safety? Can the Bengals cut down their penalties? Will a place kicker emerge from their competition? How much does Quan Cosby need to do to secure a roster spot? Will the offensive line generally continuing improving? Is Cedric Peerman a guy that'll make the roster, benefiting from Brian Leonard's injury, or will James Johnson have something to say about that? Can Matt Jones make any noise? Will there be more balance between Chad Ochocinco and Terrell Owens? How awesome can our rookies continue performing; specifically Geno Atkins, Jordan Shipley, Jermaine Gresham, Reggie Stephens, Vincent Rey and will Carlos Dunlap, Brandon Ghee continue improving?

You can talk about all of that.

You can also talk about the Bengals sophomore rookie class, which includes guys like Rey Maualuga, Michael Johnson, Morgan Trent and Bernard Scott. The same draft class that includes Andre Smith, Kevin Huber and Fui Vakapuna. Oh, and then there's undrafted free agent Quan Cosby.

The last two rookie classes are pretty impressive, aren't they?

Anyway, discuss. Talk. Debate. Praise. Complain.