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Open Thread II: Cincinnati Bengals (2-1) at Buffalo Bills (1-1)

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If you compare the first team offense from previous preseason outings, the Bengals vastly improved. Carson Palmer and company played the game's first three possessions, recording two drives of 47 yards or more that ended up in touchdowns -- both drives were set up with great Adam Jones returns. Palmer finished the game completing nine of 11 passes for 95 yards passing and two touchdowns. Once Palmer and Cedric Benson left the game, however with the first team offense mostly intact through a few more possessions, the Bengals offense shutdown. The J.T. O'Sullivan led offense recorded four straight three-and-out possessions with the first three ending with a punt and the last ending at the half.

Buffalo's zigzag of punt, touchdown, punt, touchdown, punt and then touchdown gives the Bills a seven-point advantage, even though Buffalo's offense played their first team starters against a rotation of second and third string defensive players, with the lone exceptions coming with Antwan Odom on the edge and Rey Maualuga at middle linebacker.

Keep your eye more on individual performances, rather a team-involved success story, to promote prospects that could upset a roster that you have to figure is close to being figured out.