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Bengals' Jermaine Gresham Has A Chance To Play In Hall of Fame Game Against The Cowboys

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That feeling is lifted. The charge for those that have lone relaxed in the comforts of their homes after a day full of drama, hard work and perseverance. That's right. The Bengals finally signed tight end Jermaine Gresham on Monday to a five-year deal which marks the conclusion of this year's annual frustration of league-wide signatures for rookies being paid an exorbitant amount of money. Well, not completely with Ndamukong Suh, Russell Okung and C.J. Spiller still unsigned, along unsigned second round draft pick Sergio Kindle, who reportedly fractured his skull late last month. But the draft is over for us.

As Jason wrote, the Bengals signed Gresham to a five-year deal worth $15.8 million with an $18.5 million maximum and $9.6 million guaranteed. What's interesting is that Gresham's deal actually gives him a greater maximum value than the league's 17th overall pick, San Francisco 49ers offensive lineman Mike Iupati. Now, Gresham's base salary, not including the maximum and his guaranteed money isn't only properly slotted, the increase he received from last year's 21st overall pick is roughly the increase other first rounders have received.

Either way, the Bengals have their full compliment of players now once Gresham takes part in his first practice, which will force another player to be cut. But that's small change, considering the team will eventually have another 27 to go.

Marvin Lewis is ecstatic.

“We’ll get him in here, get him going and he’ll have an opportunity to get into the football game on Sunday,” Lewis said. “He has a chance to get off to a great start. He’ll get four good weeks of football and be ready for that first week (Sept. 12 at New England).

“I’m glad the signing will happen. He’ll work at it. We’ve got a lot of snaps for him to get accustomed and get back in. He’ll take 50 percent of the snaps. He’s part of the reason why we’re out here so it’s good that he’s here.”

Not only does Gresham join the Bengals on Tuesday during their afternoon practice, he's expected to play some during the team's Hall of Fame game on Sunday. How much do you think he'll play? What's the over/under on receptions?