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Bengals Setting Up Autograph Tents For Kids

One of the things that we've long had on our wish list for the fans, and the players, by the team, is the Bengals very own Ring of Honor. Players like Kenny Anderson and Ken Riley would finally be honored in some fashion or another. Dare we say a Bengals Hall of Fame? And taking another page out of the Cincinnati Reds book, what about a team caravan mid-summer? Let the fans meet the players, hopefully superstars show up. Have it a few days before or after minicamp later in the summer, so a majority of the team will be on hand to greet their fans.

Anyway, that's just our wish list.

At least the Bengals are making it easier for younger fans by adding a kids' autograph tent. According to the team:

In an effort to enhance the training camp experience for children, the Bengals are offering autograph availability in a tent for fans under the age of 18 starting after Tuesday's 3 p.m. practice.

Following each practice, the club is to assign a group of players to the children's tent located behind the main scoreboard of Georgetown College’s Toyota Stadium.

The Bengals are looking to ease the crush of record crowds that have descended on camp. Another 3,200 showed up Monday morning. Eric Ward, the Georgetown athletic director, said parking revenues for the first three days of camp were an estimated $45,000, up from $11,000 last year.