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It Takes Time To Build a Rapport Between a Quarterback and Wide Receiver

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One of the problems with acquiring wide receivers in the free agency and draft is that all wide receivers are different. If there was some way to clone Chad Ochocinco a few times and have a bunch of Chad's running around on the field, Carson Palmer might be better off. Chad and Carson have had years to work on their timing together. They see the same things in the defense when they line up. Carson knows where Chad is going to be on every play (usually), and Chad knows when to make adjustments to his route depending on how the defense is lining up. This took some time.

Signing veterans like Terrell Owens makes the adjustment less difficult for the quarterback and wide receiver because a guy like TO has been around the block a few times and knows his stuff. There is still an adjustment period though. Carson and TO have never been on the same team. It will take a little time to get their timing down. The good news is, they have some time. The bad news is, they don't have that much time....and to have a rapport like Chad and Carson have, takes seasons.

Joe Reedy thinks Palmer and TO's timing is "way off" right now. Two veterans like Palmer and TO shouldn't have a problem getting their timing down over the next couple weeks. After all, that's what practice is for, right? I personally think that, when the regular season rolls around, Palmer and TO will look like they've been on the same team for a long time. We'll find out what kind of rapport they have on Sunday.

Some other notes from this mornings practice:

  • Antonio Bryant and Rey Maualuga didn't practice today, which you already knew about. Bryant's knee still hurts and Maualuga's nursing a tweaked hamstring. What you may not know is rookie defensive end Carlos Dunlap didn't practice because he has a concussion.
  • Dave Rayner is looking good right now. He was 5-6 today which puts him at 11 of his last 12.
  • Jermaine Gresham made his practice debut today and offensive coordinator Bob Bratkowski he was "swimming a little bit".

Jermaine Gresham had his first practice and was in on about half the plays. Offensive coordinator Bob Bratkowski said he was swimming a little bit but should be ready for Sunday’s Hall of Fame Game against Dallas.

  • The offense went 2-6 on their two-minute drills and the goal line offense struggled today.

Once again, that's what practice is for.