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TO Feels That All of His Incentives Aren't Reachable

Terrell Owens signed a year deal with the Bengals for $2 million and he has another $2 million in incentives written into his contract. If he makes his extra $2 million, it will mean that he'll have helped the Bengals offense greatly. TO isn't so convinced that he'll reach all of his milestones,though, especially the 100 catches during the season milestone. He thinks it's unrealistic even though it's for an extra $333,333.

"I know that's an unreachable goal," Owens told "It is what it is. Malcontent? Check my statistics. I've had 100 catches one time in my career. One. So go figure."

The year that TO had 100 catches was in 2002 when he had exactly 100 catches from Jeff Garcia out in San Francisco. He racked up 1,300 yards that season (not quite a career high) and helped lead the 49ers to a division championship. They eventually lost, in the playoffs, to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers who would go on to win the Super Bowl.

I agree with TO that 100 catches in a season is a pretty tall order but I disagree that it can't be done. If there is a reason it can't be done then the reason should be that there are too many talented Bengals receivers, like Chad Ochocinco, Jordan Shipley, Antonio Bryant, Andre Caldwell and tight end Jermaine Gresham, to focus on TO enough to get him 100 catches.

Either way, TO isn't really worried about the money. He's doesn't feel that the Bengals may have given him an unfair incentive in his contract. TO says he's just concerned about one thing and that isn't money. It's winning.

"I definitely took a pay cut to grasp the opportunity to win a Super Bowl," Owens said. "Like I said I know I'm worth more than what I'm being paid. But I'm here playing with my good friend Chad [Ochocinco] and playing with a team that definitely has an opportunity to win the Super Bowl."

Good answer. I don't really remember why I ever disliked the guy.