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An Injury Concern: Fui Vakapuna Suffers Shoulder Injury Wednesday

As we pointed out during our first Six-Pack of Hu-Dey of the season, the team's situation at fullback is rather murky because we've essentially given the starting gig to the fullback that was the odd man out after last year's fullback competition. Again, all reports indicate that he's obviously better than last year and the coaches must have enough confidence in him to do the job. Otherwise, why would the Bengals disregard improving the position with Vakapuna and an undrafted free agent in Joe Tronzo.

However, get used to it.

According to Geoff Hobson, Vakapuna suffered a shoulder injury during Wednesday morning's practice on special teams which "appears to concern the club."

He then missed Wednesday night and if it doesn’t respond in the next week, that’s a problem because the only other fullback is free-agent Joe Tronzo.

Unfortunately for some of you, this may be the break that Daniel Coats was looking for to make the squad. Either way, it looks like a combination of Brian Leonard and Joe Tronzo playing Sunday night.