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Preseason Game #1 Open Thread II: Dallas Cowboys at Cincinnati Bengals

While the Cincinnati Bengals appear to be struggling offensively, there are enough positives ranging from the play of Michael Johnson, the return of Adam Jones and the Bengals defense not submitting to a Dallas Cowboys offense that was clearly dominating early in the game. However, the Bengals offense is clearly struggling after having only practiced for a week. The timing is off, the blocking schemes were rough, the penalties were a concern and the passing offense was unable to call anything more than a three-step drop without pressure disrupting the play.

Defensively, the Bengals looked fine. While the first team didn't get the pass rush we had hoped for, they didn't break when the Cowboys threatened in the Red Zone.

Now we're expecting to see the bottom half of the roster for the remainder of the game. How will those bubble players perform who are desperately working towards a roster spot?