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James Walker: Brian Leonard Suffered Mild Foot Sprain

As always with the preseason, a team's worst fears is major injuries; especially with players that are often locks to make the roster. Late in the first half, Leonard caught a pass from J.T. O'Sullivan out of the backfield, picking up a first down during the eight-yard gain. After being tackled, Leonard never got back up. It appeared that his foot got caught in the turf just as a defender was falling on his legs. Leonard left the game, unable to put pressure on his foot.

And unfortunately, Leonard isn't optimistic:

After the game Leonard said his injury "doesn't look good." He fears he may have torn ligaments but he's not sure.

"Someone fell on the back of my heel and compressed my foot," he added. "I'll know more later when they do tests."

However, according to James Walker, Leonard was "diagnosed with a mid-foot sprain." Tests and additional examinations are expected this week.